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Hanli Prinsloo breaks another record

Hanli Prinsloo, 31 from Cape Town, yesterday set her eleventh South African record in the sport of freediving - diving as deep as she can on one breath. The 63m dive took her 2 min and 20 seconds. It rounds off a spectacular competitive season during which she also set a national record of 42 meters in Constant Weight no Fins by swimming breaststroke down and back up, and 52m Free Immersion, pulling down a rope and back. She has been freediving for over ten years but this is the first time any South African has held all six competitive discipline records at one time.

South African Freediving records now held by Prinsloo:
63m Constant Weight, swimming down and back up with a monofin.
52m Free Immersion, pulling down a rope and back up.
42m Constant Weight no Fins, swimming breaststroke down and back up.
150m Dynamic Apnea, distance underwater in a pool with a monofin.
126m Dynamic no FIns, distance underwater in a pool swimming breaststroke.
5min 39sec Static Apnea, length of breath hold time.

Prinsloo has been training in the world-famous Blue Hole in Dahab in Egypt for the past six weeks to break the last of the South African Freediving Records.

Prinsloo said: "The Constant Weight record had eluded me due to equalisation problems for a few years. I'm super-excited to finally have broken through and now I feel that there are no limits to what I might achieve next year."

Prinsloo returns to Cape Town next week to resume her Oceanic work teaching freediving, developing the I Am Water Ocean Conservation Trust and freediving the South African coastline. She will spend the next four months in South Africa training before returning to Egypt to prepare for the World Championships, and undoubtedly set more records. She is now well within reach of the No Fins World Record and hopes to challenge it next year.
Freediving is the sport of diving as deep, as far or as long as possible on one single breath of air. Yesterday Prinsloo competed in the discipline Constant Weight with Fins where the freediver swims down along a rope and back up self-propelled solely by a monofin (single fin).

These achievements were made possible by Power Balance Performance Technology and iGoals (CEO David Emanuel).

Check out Hanli's Divesite blog here.

Regular updates on her training is available on Hanli's website: for hi-res images email

Mobile Egypt: +201 97186957
Mobile SA: +27 82 2136066
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